225 Kings

What is 225 Kings?


A small gangbased in Baton Rouge Louisiana. Known for their graffitti around the oakhills/highland road area (almost always a shadowy face with a crown and 225 above.) Although the members identitys are unknown out side of their social circle it is estimated there are roughly 5-20 active memebers, presumibly all under the age of 21. Reports say that each memeber is given a tattoo using a dull sowing needle and ink from a writting pen. They have been linked to a number of crimes, mostly theft and destruction of property. They are known to start fights at parties and will ruthlessly humiliate their victims, often by getting naked after stripping the victim and sexually abusing him. The gang is all white, though they are not a Neo-Nazi group. They are usually reported as pot smoking and wiskey drinking teenage boys, who never cease to terrorize the residents around the Highland/bluebonnet/perkins area. Rumors around baton rouge say that some of the memebers are mentally ill and suffer from either manic depression, schizophrenia, or boarderline personality disorder.

I cant pass one fucking stop sign with out seeing that two two five logo!

Marty was beaten and sodomized at the party by some crazy bastard from the 225 kings.

"Here comes the 225 kings."

"Thats such a shitty name for a gang."

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