64 Klan

What is 64 Klan?


A small "gang" of boys residing in Northern Delaware. (Previously referred to as the D-Boys.) All members must have at least one pair of matching sunglasses and go on adventures on Main Street. Matching clothes are also highly appreciated. The more you fail at skateboarding the more you are ranked in the Klan.

A favorite past time for the group is yachting and throwing grapes into one another's mouth. Klan members are also very openly homosexual with each other and see no shame. One gang member will sometimes invite the others over to his backyard to smoke his "baby leaf".

Group motto: "64 'til the death!"

Person A: Yo you hear 'bout that 64 Klan?

Person B: Oh yeah, what a bunch of tools.

See d boy, pot, gangsta, poser, dj khaled, ridiculous, Obeezy


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