0 Lardass 0

What is 0 Lardass 0?


One of the most revolutionary pkers on the RPG Runescape. Thought by some to be the savior of all 20 defense pures, she has been known to take down many level 120+ in various combat minigames, whilst only possessing 72 combat. Her scandalous name and vast contact list of famous players has gained her many followers throughout the Runescape and pure community. She belongs to the clan "The Golden Gods", and was a close friend of acclaimed pure In Vas Por, ex leader of Absolution current member of Corrupt Pures. Considered a valuable potential prospect of many clans, she allegedly receives offers consisting of Runescape gold, items, and accounts to take up arms for clans such as Devastation and Eruption of Pures (EOP). She is undoubtedly one of the greatest pures of our generation.

Holy shit, 0 Lardass 0 just downed a guy with a Godsword!

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