45 Lc

What is 45 Lc?


.45 "Long Colt" cartridge. 45 LC is not considered a proper designator, but is nevertheless widely used colloquially. Usually fired out of Old West-model Single Action revolvers by Cowboy Action Shooting enthusiasts, but will also fit modern double-action revolvers that are chambered to fire the .454 Casull round. Replaced by the .45 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol) round.

I want a Ruger New Vaquero stainless with ivory grip, in 45 LC, please.

45 LC is a powerful cartridge, but the .357 mag is a superior round. Wouldn't you prefer a Uberti Cattleman's in .357 magnum? You could always shoot .38 special if you're on a budget.

See old west, forty-five, revolver, sa, old skool


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