5 O'clock Shadow

What is 5 O'clock Shadow?


Short beard stubble on a man's face that has grown since the morning shave, usually experienced towards the end of the day.

Can be used to describe a man who looks scruffy, overworked/tired, hung-over or rugged.

"Rough night last night? Got that 5 o'clock shadow."

See shaving, man, men, shave, beauty, fashion


the facial hair that comes late in the day when a man has shaved earlier

Naturally he had a 5 o'clock shadow again.

See five o


An abundance of pubic hairs that have collected on the rim or bowl of a toilet or urinal.

Yo! Someone needs to shave the pisser man, its got a nasty 5 o'clock shadow.

See pubes, toilet, pisser, urinal, pubic hair


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