2 Pac

What is 2 Pac?


A legendary rapper. Still dead but making millions of dollars of his records


2 pac the best rapper ever


the greatest rapper ever to walk the earth, he is a genious, and has contributed to everything that is rap. his rhymes are still ill but nothin from like when he was alive, anyone that does not respect pac is a buster

R.I.P soldier we miss you


The best rapper ever known to the world and many others. His has past away, but we'll always remember him from his BAD ASS songs and records.

Sup 2 Pac, come with me baby!


he is the greatest rapper ever. he may be dead but no one will ever forget his legacy. We love u tupac.

He is the man

2 pac is the shit.

I will never forget 2 pac shukur.


The greatest rapper to ever touch the mic. As real and as raw as they come. The influence on todays Hip Hop and almost every single rapper. Rest In Peace!

The best rapper ever? Gotta be 2 Pac!

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A rapper who is still selling millions of records even though he is supposedly dead. Many people still believe the man is alive living in some other country and may some day come back. There are many clues and reasons behind why people think this may happen. For those people who think he was shot, 2 Pac's killer is unkown. Some think that Suge Knight killed him (There are also many clues leading towards that). Whatever really happened, 2 Pac is arguably the best rapper of all time, and we all miss him.

2 Pac is in Thugz Mansion

Person 1: It's too bad 2 Pac had to die, I wish they found the killer.

Person 2: He's not dead he's in Cuba.

Person 3: Suge Knight killed him.


the greatest nucca rapper in the music indrusty.

2pac was known all over the world.

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