29 Palms

What is 29 Palms?


A small town in the middle of the Mojave Desert. More Desert Yeti and Mingers per capita than any city in America. If traveling in this region carry bologna. It is the only known substance more enticing to these creatures than the human male.

Male 1: Man, I stopped off in a bar in 29 Palms last night and was nearly accosted by Desert Yeti. Oh shit! Here they come again!

Male 2: Quick man, throw the bologna!

Male 1: Run!!!


A small town in the Mojave Dessert with a U.S Marine base.

Most reefer to the town and the base as "hell" because of the heat in the summer and it being so boring there.

Marine 1: "Dude i got stationed in 29 Palms!"

Marine 2: " Good luck in hell."

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