106 & Park

What is 106 & Park?


A live Monday - Friday countdown show with the top 10 most requested videos of urban nature. The show began on September 11, 2000, one year before the attacks on the World Trade Center.

For the first five years, the show was hosted by Free and AJ. Both had contractual deals with BET to host the show for only five years. After the five years, the show "introduced" their new hosts, Julissa Bermudez and Big Tigger. They began in the fall of 2005. BET then replaced them with new comers to television Rocsi and Terrencein July 2006.

Every Wednesdays, "Wild Out Wednesdays" are held where up-and-coming hopefuls try their luck at receiving notoriety, performing any specific talent they possess. The most noted were a step team that stepped to the song "Touch It" by Busta Rhymes. Busta was so adulated that he invited the girls on the set of the music video for his remix to the "Touch It" song. They perform in the beginning of the video, as well.

On Fridays, a segment of the show called "Freestyle Fridays" exhibits two unheard-of amateur freestylers that battle each other out with an original rap straight from the source, themselves. One of whom recurs to uphold their title of "champion". The other is simply the "challenger", trying to defeat the champion to appropriate his title. Usually, there are three judges. Normally, one being the house DJ, but sometimes a few guests drop by and show love.

Incorporated into the top 10 video countdown are recurring old school joints, new school joints, and flashbacks. Old school joints are videos for songs that were released circa the early 90s or the enitre 80s decade, meant to bring back memories. New school joints are videos for songs that are fresh from an artist. And flashbacks or flashback joints are videos that were once hot on the countdown, but faded into obscurity, so to speak.

106 & Park is an entirely fresh show that was spun-off from TRL, but is completely different. Rather than showing only 30-45 seconds of the video, 106 shows most of it. 106 remains popular with the urban community, and is since been one of the biggest shows on BET.

106 & Park is way better than TRL! At least they show ALL or MOST of the video. ...Man, I wish AJ and Free would come back!

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Show on BET. Similar to trl but BETTER!


Host;a.j and free


A music video countdown show aired on a weekly basis on BET. (Black Entertainment Television)Usually hosted by Boston natives AJ and Free. Viewers control the videos which are known for staying on the countdown 5 months at a time.(think a black version of MTV's show TRL!)On fridays they feature live freestyle battles by random contestants, but most write their rhymes!

Free: "Let's do a replay of today's videos that been on da countdown for 5 months, but you viewers at home keep on voting on like it's new!!!


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