10 Percenters

What is 10 Percenters?


yes the whole spiel of the 10 percenters being the ones who know the truth but preach the opposite is true. they also are the same percent of the world that controls the 85 percent. the 5 percenters, however, or rather the Nation of Gods and Earths, is not synonymous with and is not even a sect in the Nation of Islam or even Islam itself even though they have close relations and actually started through the NOI. therefore, 5 percenters do not believe that the "White man is the devil." I will leave an explanation of them for the definition for 5 percenter though so click on that and go check it out. to finish this definition off, the 85 percenters represent the general public, the 10 percenters represent the political and social figures like senators and celebrities (respectively), and the 5 percenters represent the small amount of people that are farmiliar with the supreme mathematicsand supreme alphabetand preach its beliefs. once again, go to the definition for 5 percenters to find out some more of what it is really about.

by the way, this was written by a WHITE 5 percenter.

85 percenter: wow! that new lil wayne song is cool. i wish that i had as many bitches as him. i want to be in a gang.

10 percenter: man, that lil wayne is making great sales for us. i know what he says is so immoral, but his lyrics keep his audiences ignorant so we can continue to control them and take more and more of their money.

5 percenter: hey 85 percenters, look out, the 10 percenters are trying to control you. they are just using lil wayne as a puppet to get your money and keep your habits predictable so that they can rob you blind. word is bond.

See supreme mathematics, supreme alphabet


Don't believe that other guy.

According to the 5 Percent Nation of Islam (NOI), the people of the world are broken down into 3 categories:

The 85% that don't know the truth, the 10% that know the truth but preach the exact opposite, and the 5% that know the truth and speak it. The "truth", according to the Nation of Islam is that the Black Man is "God", and the White Man is "The Devil".

The name of the song is "Get By", the artist was Busta Rhymes, and the lyric in reference is as follows:

"If you was 5 percent, instead of actin' stupid and guessing, you have to go and study your lessons and know your math in the building sessions".

See Half


slang for a sect of the black muslims that many rappers belong to

referred to in the "Get em high" remix by talib kwale et. al. I believe it was sung by buster rhymes.


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