52 Pick-up

What is 52 Pick-up?


What people say when they throw a deck of cards on the floor/across the room with no intention of picking them up, leaving the job to you. This usually happens after someone loses a card game multiple times and can't take it anymore. Or when you're just in the mood to make some people POed.

Shane: "Black Jack!"

Me: "What!? Again!? That's fourteen times in a row!"

Mikey: "Stop being a sore loser."

Shane: "Yeah, really. It's not like I cheat."

Me: "Yeah well," *gathers the deck of cards, "52 Pick-Up!" *Throws the deck of cards across the room and onto the floor, walks out of the room*

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When you shove as many cards into the girls vagina as possible, then after you fuck her, play 52 pick up inside her.

While Garcia and Ajax were fucking, Hotrod decides for them to play 52 pick-up. We only got 47 cards in, but it was still fun.

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