What is 14 Piece Dismemberment?


When you take a 3 inch or shorter dagger and saw off the feet of a victim at the ankles, then saw off the lower legs, then the upper legs, then the hands at the wrists, then the lower arms, then the upper arms, then, just before he dies from a lack of blood, you slit his throat and cut off his head. So called because when you get done, there's 14 pieces of the body.

Osiris was a victim of a 14 piece dismemberment.

When King Arthur did a 14 piece dismemberment to Igraine, you could hear the sound of her spurting blood colliding with his shiny silver plate armor, as well as her screams of pain as her flesh was sliced open.

See amputate, cut off, behead, decapitate, dagger, sword


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