What is 1903 Pocket Hammerless?


A pistol developed in 1895 by colt for the growing concealed-weapon self defence industry being spawned by poor conditions in the inner cities. The parameters where simple, To create a compact pistol that would draw without catching on anything, fires a common round. The answer came in two versions, the 1903 pocket hammerless and the 1903 vest pocket hammerless. The latter was a scaled down version. The pocket hammerless fired .32 ACP and the Vest-pocket hammerless fired .25 ACP.

Both where very sucessful, infact, the pocket hammerless survived is a browning design that was produced by Fabrique Nationale in Belgium untill 1987. May have been one of the longest produced pistoles of all time.

"A 1903 pocket hammerless colt is concealable, light and easy on the draw"

See colt, tool


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