5 Point Star

What is 5 Point Star?


The 5-point star is one of the symbols of Bloods/ People Nationmembers, who oppose the Crips/Folk Nation.

Guy: He's got a 5 point star tattoo. What's that for?

Guy 2: He's a Blood gang member. Shit, I'm not staying here!

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symbol for gangsters, united gangsters, keep it gangster fuck bitches, hoes need pimps pimps need hoes.. get that muh fuckin dough

5 point star, Gangster symbol....

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When 4 men hold you up against a wall and the 5th guy fucks you.

When Mike was in jail he got a 5 point star

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white pride ; symbol that means that you don' like African-Americans (especialy when colored black)

Jhonny had a 5 point star tattoo on the back of his neck

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