69 Position

What is 69 Position?


position for sex where his lips are touching her (vaginal) lips while her lips are around his cock. see 69

we both forgot our condoms so I gave her cunnilingus whilst she gave me a blow-job.

See Jake


when a girl sucks on a guy's cock and at the same time the guy is eating her up. They are lyin crotch in the face to each other.

She sixty nined me.

See jessica


a sex position performed during sex

the 69 position is when a guy licks a girls pussy and the girl sucks the guy dick at the same time (you can be staright,homo,or lez to do this)

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Usually, when a man and woman are lying down (or standing) with the crotch area in the face. They lick, kiss, and suck the pussy or dick until desired to stop.

Also used with a woman to woman in where both lick, kiss, and suck eachother's pussy.

Or man to man where both lick, kiss, and suck eachother's dicks.

"We got in the 69 position last night. I was lapping up her pussy while she sucked my dick. It was AWSOME!"

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