What is 2004 Presidential Elections?


The election

A 24/7 show on North American television where two lying, cheating and very rich puppets on strings try to persuade the dumbass inhabitant of the Unites States that the other puppet is filthy lucre. Astonishingly enough, those inhabitants actually believe what is said. The rest of the world is watching this puppet show in disbelief. One of the puppets on strings is the best liar and becomes President of the United States. There the winner-puppet will make sure that the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer and that the worlds natural environment gets polluted even more.

Puppet on strings demolishes our World


The plural of the 2004 Presidential Election, of which we are sure to have more than one of.

"2004 Presidential Elections, third time's a charm! In other news, Kang and Kodos have entered the race!"


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