'77 Punk

What is '77 Punk?


'77 Punks Generally from the Chicago Suburbs, that beleive they are Gang Bangers. Usually complete Elitests, they are snobbish, and have a "Tougher/Better than thou" attitude. This is easy to cure with a beating. Although acting tough most of the time, they prefer Huge numbers in altercations. I.E. Random '77 starts talking shit to random Guy, Random guy pushes random '77. Radom '77 will become scared, and hide until ten of his friends arrive, at which point the eleven '77's jump Random guy.

'77's = Faggot Pussys.

"Hey bob, see those Faggot '77 Punk with the gay hair?"

"Yeah, what dya want to do with 'em?"

"Well Bob, thats simple! We'll beat his sissy ass, and steal his Sixty dollar Stretchpants!"

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