... Queer

What is ... Queer?


Phrase used to annoy someone. Not meant as a slur on homosexuals, just as a way to irritate your friends. Most effective if ' queer' is said quietly, so only the victim can hear it, and even if (s)he does, (s)he's not entirely sure you did as it is so out of context.

Laura: Are we going to Thorpe Parkthis weekend?

Daisy: Alright... queer.

Laura: What did you just call me?

Daisy: Nothing, nothing, not a thing... queer.

Laura: You are so annoying sometimes.

Daisy: What have I done??

Laura: Oh I thought you were calling me 'queer' after everything you said, sorry.

Daisy: That's OK, I guess I can forgive you... queer.

See queer, annoying, friends, friendly, teasing


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