What is 26 Reasons Not To Like Rock?


I'm going to reply to the first post with much more gravity than it probably deserves. Either way, I will reply one "point" at a time.

A. What "sucks" is a subjective judgement, made even more flimsy by the fact that you don't really use any meaningful arguments to back it up.

B. It takes no talent... tell that to the many jazz musicians who have tried to play rock and failed miserably.

C. Not true. Much of rock derived from the blues, which is about as populist as you can get.

D. (not worth a counterargument)

E. This doesn't make sense,

F. Who cares? Personal appearance does not a good art make.

G. Also not true. Wilco, the Flaming Lips, Yo La Tengo, Sufjan Stevens, Streetlight Manifesto, Garage A Trois, and many others are making music just as good as anything from the era of classic rock.

H. "90% of all musicions do some sort of drug, illeagle or not, the most famous and best rockers have all died from drugs." Ha! Ha! Ha!

I. Drums require coordination to play. MPCs don't.

J. They haven't ripped jeans since Nirvana, dude.

K. The best music isn't always the most popular, dumbass. Sometimes it requires a modicum of intelligence to understand.

L. Not worth a reply.

M. Actually, most rock musicians are self-taught. And if they do have lessons, once again, so what? Rock is obviously not music for the rich. You don't go to see a rock band in a 3 piece suit, drinking wine.

N. Tell that to Jeff Buckley.

O. Alright, that's kind of a good point.

P. (not worth a reply)

Q. (not worth a reply)

R. Yeah, they do. Nice job.

S. "Guitars are stupid and make stupid noises" - hahahahaha.

T. Shut up.

U. Not worth a reply.

V. If someone spells "sucks" as "sux" they're probably a dumbass.

W. What kind of name is Young Jeezy?

X. Battles have also lead to many shallow artists who are virtuosic but otherwise don't have much to say. Also, art is not a pissing contest.

Y. How many female rappers can you name that aren't famous based on sex appeal? Compare that to Kim Gordon, Joan Jett, Sleater-Kinney, Ani Defranco, Karen O, Neko Case...

Z. Also, fuck you.


26 reasons not to like rock...just... arggghhh.

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26 reasons not to like rock...nope srry your just ignorant

k first of all your lame with your stupid rap...notice how rap and crap rhyme...did you ever think it was for a reason? rock goes way farther back that rap. and just cuz white ppl mainly listen to it doesnt mean its only for one audience...i know plently of black and brown ppl that listen to rock...just as i often listen to rap. the only reason its not more popular is cuz some ppl are just dumb and dont realize that its fucking hard to play a guitar...ive tried and i respect the ppl i know that can...oh and rock guys (tattoos and piercings) are fucking hott! i would jump on one of them any day...where as i would run screaming in the other direction of a rapper...id b too scared theyre gonna shoot me. so what if rockers use drugs...wasnt it eminem (rapper) that always raps about all the fucking drugs he does...and i can quote a song of his well actually i think it was nate dogg "smoke so much weed you wouldnt believe that i get more ass than a toilet seat" and what about snoop dogg with drop it like its hot. oh that brings me to another point...rockers arent ignorant fucks like stupid ppl who listen to rap and think its the best shit in the world and who are too close-minded to even listen to soemthing else. and rock songs have meaning...sit back and listen to the words. all you fucking rappers do is bash eachother and make insults to prove whos biger and badder. rockers sing about theyre lives...relationships, bad experiences, good experiences, hard times and many other things. some of the deepest shit you'll ever hear is by bands like nirvana, or the beetles....just a bunch of potheads to you though right? and if you think that rock doesnt have good beats then why is it that no one ever sits at a rock concert and it actually takes soemthing to make the "beats" not just a stupid computerized machine. oh and go back a few decades and you will see that rock bands have dominated the music scence....elvis...the rolling stones...ac/dc...led zepplin...the beetles...def leppard...van hlaen...the beach boys...blink 182...greenday(who are definatly mainstream and have hits)...oh and lets not forget jimmy hendrix...who is black btw but he still makes quality rock music. and rap completly objectifies women...im not saying that rock doesnt either...but its all about the "ass" and the "booty" in rap music videos. rock music may objectify but at least they also know where to draw a line and be respectful (thats why rockstars get more fucking chicks than you)so next time your gonna be so fucking ignorant as to call classic music that takes more talent than sputtering out a few rhyming words, plz just think again...k thx!

some ppl are just too ignorant to realize that there are other tastes in the world and not everything you like is always the top shit! SO DO SOME RESEARCH BEFORE YOU GO TEACHING PPL THE ALPHABET...if you can even spell...26 reasons not to like rock...idiot

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A. It Sucks

B. takes no talent,

C. only has ugly middle/upper class depressed boys who think their cool,

D. just ew,


F. most of them are butt ugly, and even the ones who get the hott girls are still ugly (pale, full of ugly tattoos)

G. the golden days of rock is over and now its only wanna be rocker ie. pop stars playing a fake guitar ( avril lavine)

H. Full of druggies who are womanizers too, thats all music, $50 90% of all musicions do some sort of drug, illeagle or not, the most famous and best rockers have all died from drugs.

I. has no good beats (drums are much worse then rap beats

J. they kill the word fashion, why do you want to rip perfectly good clothes? People would kill to have whole pants and shoes

K. If rock is so good then why isnt it the most popular music? You kno that rap is, white and black and latina and azn people like rap, only white people and an occasionol other person likes rock

L. That brings me to the point, rock only speaks to one minority

M. And their all rich boys, none of them were poor cuz how do you explain guittar lessons, and an instrument, that costs money and no poor person is gonna pay for stuff like that

N. Requires no vocal talent

O. they were the ones who brought mullets into style

P. whats his name made a porno with pamala anderson

Q. they steal all the pretty woman who should be going out with the pretty actors

R. i kno some of these reasons suck but w.e

S. Guitars are stupid and make stupid noises

T. the old metelica is supossidly one of the best bands.... that REALLY says something about rock

U. watch almost famous, good movies but makes rock look like crap THEY STOLE THAT POOR BOYS VIRGINITY!

V. if someone can get up to V in the alphebet about how it sux it cant be good

W. bad band names, what kind of band name is guns and roses?

X. no one has battles against each other and talk bout people in songs, thats an interesting thing about rap, following up on peoples battles

Y. there are hardly any female rock people

Z. all the bands that arnt on drugs are extremely gay and stupid (dont take that word gay in homosexual way just like gay meaning stupid and extremely metrosexual *quotes a line from a band you like* hey now your an allstar get your game on heeey"...... that could be A-Z

WHAT NOW BEOTCHES, if you vote me wrong i kill you!


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