20 Sack

What is 20 Sack?


A $20 worth amount of weed

Im gettin' a 20 sack today...


Refers to any quantity of drugs delivered in a bag worth $20.

Hey dog... can I get a 20 sack of some blow?


what ever weed is worth 20 dollars at the time

you buy weed that the quality is worth 20 dollars


twenty dollars worth of weed. amounts can vary depending on quality but is usually about a gram. Smallest amount usually available in most areas, you can tell if someone doesn't know what they are doing if they ask for a dime or nickle. a 20 sack is the perfect amount to roll a nice blunt with if you know how to roll.

"I got five on the 20 sack."

See weed, ganja, trees, bud, herb, smoke, blunt


2.5 G. (grams) of Marijuana, usually costing $20.

Shit son, you can only roll one 20 sack in a spliff? I can fit an oz. in a blunt! (Gin and Juice wrap of course.)


20 naked men tea bagging a single lucky girl

"oh my gosh, last night I got drunk at this party and woke up with a 20 sack in my face." "a 20 sack? weed?" "no 20 sacks!"

See Douche Bag


Hello, McFly... Don't you people have White Castle? 20 Sack is a sack of 20 of nasty ass (but cheap) burgers

Hey, I'm hungry and I want to get really bad heartburn and the shits... lets go pick up a 20 Sack!


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