What is 3 Second Pregnancy Scare?


When an individual (most likely a virgin) pre-cums like a motherfucker and puts his 12 incher into his partners cooch. He makes one thrust and there it goes..........this creates a very tense situation which is called a 3 second pregnancy scare. The man ends up learning from his mistake and vows from this day forward to always use a ribbed magnum before he engages in intercourse ever again.

He's so big lets hope he will not break through the fucking magnum.

Virgin: Man I had a 3 Second Pregnancy Scare last night

College Student: Yo what do u mean by that?

Virgin: I put it in and busted within 3 seconds

College Student: WTF I bet that she was pissed

Virgin: I dunno man but that was the scariest moment of my life, i will never forget my ribbed magnums again!

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