5 Second Rule

What is 5 Second Rule?


An unwritten law dictating that if a food or other consumable item is dropped onto the floor, it may be picked up up and eaten within five seconds. The reasoning behind this is that dirt and germs take six seconds to transfer from one surface to another.

"Oops, dropped my popsicle. Five second rule!"

(Proceeds to pick up dirty-ass rocket pop and suck the lint off of it)


The rule by which one determines whether or not food is safe after falling onto the floor. That is, if you are able to retrieve said item within 5 seconds, it is not dirty and is safe to eat.

* Note: in fraternity houses, this rule is the 1.5 second rule. Rule is invalid in the restroom.

Person 1: Oh no, my chicken wing fell on the floor!

Person 2: 5 ... 4 ... 3 ... 2 ...

Person 1: Got it!

Person 2: 5-second rule. It's yours, dude.

See Josh


1. If an article of food is dropped, the 5 second rule states that it is still elligible for eating within a 5 second interval.

2. A rule governing the amount of time it takes for George W Bush to speak before he mispronounces a word.

We will not stand around to witness the creation of NUQULAR weapons. Oops, five second rule.


Rule invoked whenever dropped food is picked up and consumed in the presence of others. Time can vary widely depending on the type of food dropped: a sirloin steak at a barbecue may have nine lives, while a street vendor hotdog is declared unfit for consumption even before it touches the ground.

Once I saw it slip from his tongs, I asked the street meatvendor if I could get a new sausage.


A rule describing the amount of time that a magical force field surrounds a dropped piece of food, after which the force field drops and the food can become dirty and not edible

Shaniqua dropped her Oreos on the floor, but she still ate them because of the 5 second rule.


A socially accepted rule that states a piece of food or edible meterial can safely be eaten if it is dropped on the ground for no more than five seconds.

The kitchen procedures (modified 60 second rule) of the San Remo Hotel in Las Vegas, NV.


The 5 second rule is used to suggest that food that has fallen on the ground/floor is still fine to eat, as long as it has only been there 5 seconds or less.

Commonly the rule is simply extended to however many seconds is necessary to declare the food still edible (ex: 20-second rule).

"Aww crap, I dropped my hot dog on the ground." "It's alright: 5 second rule."


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