10 Second Rule

What is 10 Second Rule?


If a female does not enter within 10 seconds of a porno that is showing naked males it is a gay film but if a female enters the film within ten seconds it is not a gay film. AT ALL!

Hey Bob why are you watching gay porn? Oh its not gay if a female enters the film within 10 seconds. That's the 10 second rule

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A variation on the "5 second rule" and "3 second rule", this term is mostly employed by street vagrants, or those who cannot stoop over to retrieve their food in less than 5 seconds.

Uuh... I can't bend that fast.

Oh, well. 10 second rule.

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the rule that is implimented when the 3 and 5 sec rule are unobtainable... or if you work in a restaurant and just dont care.

*drops cheeseburger at McDonalds*


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10 Second Rule is an expansion from the 5 Second Rule due usually for being too drunk! By the time the food has been dropped, your mind figuring out it has been dropped and finally realising you DO have to bend down retrieve the food it's still fine to just give it a rub off and continue to eat it. (If you are drunk, so are germs, therefore it's going to take them longer to get to the food.)

Drunk Dude 1: *Been drinking all night, drops fat juicy chip from the chippy on the sick ass ground, watches it fall, looks upset* "Damn! Oh well, 10 second rule" *Bends down, picks it up and eats it*

Drunk Dude 2: *Agrees with the 10 second rule*

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When you drop food on the floor but still want to eat it.

You have to pick the food up off the ground before 10 seconds. If it has went past the 5 second you must declare that it's went to the 10 second rule.

.10 second rule .Oh man tht was close almost had to go to the 10 second rule

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