3800 Series 2

What is 3800 Series 2?


The engine used in the 98-02 F-Body (Camaro and Firebird) and other pontiacs and buicks back in the day. It was at one time on Wards best engines list in the late 90s. Having 3.8L in displacement, the GM V6 can easily smoke a ricer or an unsuspecting mustang. With the right mods, it will smoke a GT. Having an iron block and heads, it can easily handle the strains of NOS (with the right Pistons). It is the engine that Ford can't replicate the power in a V6 even with the same displacement.

Yo man, my v6 4 l mustang can't keep up with your 3.8l 3800 series 2 camaro!

Duh man, its made by GM!!

Okay, I forgot

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