What is 6 Sigma Rating System?



This system has been developed by a need to have an accurate system to rate the looks of both random and known people

It's based on the 6 sigma theory of mathematics, using a standard population bell curve.


The mean/average/median rating is 5

The standard deviation is 1.5

This means that

- 68% of people rate between 3.5 and 6.5

- 95% of people rate between 2 and 8

- 99.7% of people rate between 0.5 and 9.5

- .15% rate higher than a 9.5 (approximately 1 person in every 667)

Factors Contributing to the Distribution

Certain factors may influence the mean of the bell curve:

eg. If you are drunk, a 5 becomes a 5.5.

Factors that add to the rating

- you are tipsy +1/2

- Siblings +1

- twins +2

- Threesome (The good kind) +2

- Best Friends +1

- Older partner +1/2 (Per 2 years)

- Exchange Student +1

- Person you will not see again +2

- Partner is taken +2

Factors that can subtract from the rating

- Partner chunders or passes out -2

- Argument the next day -1

- Sloppy Seconds -1 per previous partner on the night

- Younger Girls -1 (for every year that it is criminal)

- Annoying Parents -1

- Annoying Best Friends -1

The GAT system is used, ie if someone looks fairly average one particular night, but you know they have talent, a derived score can be used.

A score of under 3 doesn't get a rating to avoid hurt feelings.

i rate them on the 6 sigma rating system

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