23 Skidoo

What is 23 Skidoo?


A term used in the early 20th Century for "get lost."

Bums would sleep around 23rd St and when the cops came along they would hit them with their billy clubs and say "23 skidoo."

My grandfather was a cop down there around 1920 and told me how this term came about.

Hey buddy, 23 skidoo.

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A nonsense phrase used in the 20s. See 28 Skidoo. Usually a positive thing.

"23 Skiddoo!" said the flapper as she checked out the guy in the zoot suit.


23 skidoo is code for "let's go smoke (weed)." Its double-meaning for "let's get out of here" makes it subtle enough for the non-participating members of the group. 23 was Michael Jordan's jersey number -- MJ for marijuana.

Other people: Blahblah blahblahboringblah.

Smoker: Well, we gotta 23 skidoo!

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23 skidoo (circa 1920s CE) symbolizes an iconoclasm of a biblical proportion; when the etiquette of forcing oneself to stay in an uncomfortable situation could merely be discarded by uttering the phrase, "23 skidoo."

Evidence of the 23 skidoo has long been lost and only skilled historians have managed to keep its intellect savvy.

Angry black man at a baby shower, I guess: "Fuck this shit. I'm 23 skidoo-ing this piece, bitch."

Criminal about to be executed: "23 skidoo!"

Executioner person: "Shit. I guess we'll have to let the rapist/murderer free on the account of his supreme 23 skidoo."

George Bush, 2003: "23 skidoo."

World: "I guess we'll have to continue acting like blubbering idiots at such well-spoken doctrine and reelect this shithead."

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The drip, crotch-nasties, the gift that keeps on giving...

Yes, an STD. (generally chlamidiya, gonnorhea, something that can be treated with penicillin or Cipro).

This phrase was used a lot in the circles I hung out with in the late 80's/early 90's.

Keith: "I was gonna do her, but I sniffed her coochie and realized I'd get the 23 skidoo from her."

Thomas: "Dude, that sux you didn't get any, but it beats going to the doctor."


Keith: "Yeah, I did her a week ago, and I had to go to the doctor today to get rid of the 23 skidoo she gave me. Fuckin' whore!"

Thomas: "Shit, that sux man. I won't tell anyone." "HEY, MIKE! KEITH GOT THE 23 SKIDOO FROM DONNA!!!"

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