2 Skinnee J's

What is 2 Skinnee J's?


The most talented rap band ever delivered to this Earth by God. The ones who speak for those who have not yet found their voice.

"This songs goes out to those with coke bottle glasses, all you lonely kids who were the last pick in gym classes. We got your back - detract your malefactors. All you up in the back, UNITE LIKE THUNDERCATS!" Preach on brothas!


most badassenist band ever


A kickass band

Get on your feet! Naptime is over! With the quickness, can I get a witness like Jehovah? AMEN!


A band where all of the members are named Larry. They split up due to the erectile dysfunction of one of the members. Larry Jambowitski was the lead guitarist afflicted with the problem. His wedding vegetables became caught in the oven door while trying to feed his dog. The lead vocalist, Larry Vehemently, was arrested for stealing little boys underwear. He spent 11 days in jail. The lead bassist was Larry Appleton. He was murdered by Balki Bartokomous. The drummer, Lance Elott, often referred to as Elephant Tusk was sold into the Peruvian Slut trade.

Lenny : Look at that bag of doughnuts...

Marc: Where are my onion bags?

Lenny: Didn't they sing for Onionbox and the Crotchmonsters?

Anton: Nope...2 skinnee j's

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