$100 Sneakers

What is $100 Sneakers?


Hundred dollar sneakers usually refer to Air Jordans or higher priced Nike Air Force Ones. $100 sneaks are the standard footwear from the Bay area to New York City. You're lucky if you can actually grab a pair of exclusive retro Jordans or Forces for $100 because they sell out at retail stores very quickly. Many pairs of exclusive jordans and forces sell out at stores within minutes. And if you still want a pair after they happen to sell out at stores, you will have to pay up to several hundred dollars more by purchasing them online. It is almost impossible to always have the latest pair of AJs or Air Forces because a newer hotter looking pair comes out every month. People may not always compliment you on your fresh $100 sneakers, but they sure will be quick to clown on your ass if you're wearing a dogged pair that are more than a year old.

"Boomin' like a speaker with my $100 sneakers..."

-Buckshot Shorty, Black Moon circa 1993

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