3 Some

What is 3 Some?


A sexual encounter INCLUDING yourself and two others, not four total people as the moron first thought.

That kid thinks that if you take 1. himself, 2. The person he's talking to, 3. his girlfriend, and 4. that person's sister, and add it up, that makes three...nope... a threesome takes only three people, four and more makes an orgy, you huge dumbass.


A sexual expierence consisting of 3 people, usally 2 female and 1 male.

Damn! id love to have a 3 some with your sister and my girlfriend.


wow. indeed. how about i just fuck two women.

Me and two other fuckers

See Anonymous


Sex XP with 3 peeps

Um, hello, since when did that guy said he wanted a 3sum with the person he's talking to?

See God


Something the previous schmuck will never have. Learn to read before you post. He said, I'd like to have a 3 some with YOUR SISTER and MY GIRLFRIEND.

If he was talking about four people, he would say:

DAMN! I would love to have a 3 some with YOU, YOUR SISTER, and MY GIRLFRIEND.


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