#1 Son Refund

What is #1 Son Refund?


The act of male sexual reciprocation of maternally projected loathing or the sexual manifestation of self-loathing superimposed onto the mother/son relationship by means of some sort of Oedipal paranoia.

ie: When a motherfucker fucks his mother because fucking his mother is the closest a motherfucker can come to crawling inside of her and physically reversing his birth.

Justin - How come you don't laugh at my jokes, mom?

Mary - Because your a mean and vulgar boy!

Justin - Jeez! What do you want from me? A #1 Son Refund?

Mary - I don't know what that is, but I've read The Bible five times and I'm not going to listen to you tell me about it!

See motherfucker, mother fucker, oedipus, oedipal, incest


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