10 Songs For Driving

What is 10 Songs For Driving?


Want to drive fired up? Want to start some goddam road rage? Need pumping music to get you driving your car like you stole it? Look no/a lot further than this, Gumba's personal driving favourites.

♪ ♫ ♪ ♫

The top three songs comprise an actual list, as well as some of the other songs here. The rest I forgot, so here goes. Remeber, this list is mostly my personal opinion, and you may not like some of the songs, especially any clichés

10)Rocket Queen- Guns 'n' Roses

9) Drag the waters- Pantera

8) Battery- Metallica

7) Hallowed be thy name-Iron Maiden

6) The memory remains- Metallica

5) Straigh outta compton- N.W.A.

4) Necropedophile- Cannibal Corpse

3) Raining blood- Slayer

2) Orgasmatron- Motörhead

1) Firestarter- The Prodigy

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