6 Star Wrestling

What is 6 Star Wrestling?


The ultimate in wrestling greatness. So good that it truly deserves a star rating of six, as opposed to the usual five.

Mark #1: Dude, this last episode of RAW sucked balls so hard, I feel like I've just been teabagged by Vince McMahon himself. Man I really feel like having an intelligent and friendly discussion about this. But I suppose I should just keep it bottled up inside and continue setting fire to ants.

Mark #2: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hold on there dawg. You should go check out some of that quality "6 star wrestling" that's on the net these days. If you really want something that is better than greatness.

Mark #1: Wow! Awesome bro! Um... should I google it?

Mark #2: Duh!

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