3/4 Stealth Mode

What is 3/4 Stealth Mode?


The term used to describe a way of positioning your vehicle's windows so that they are 3/4 of the way rolled up. If the vehicle has rear windows, those windows should line up exactly with the front. This also accentuates the lines of the car and creates a smooth look while rollinthrough the hood. It is not uncommon to see this on a beater that has a purple flake paint job and twinkiesbut hasn't bothered to fix his A/C.

Gangsta 1 : Dat ride is hot, yo!

Gangsta 2 : Yeahh, and he's rollin in 3/4 stealth mode!

Gangsta 1 : Hot to death!

Gangsta 2 : I'd do that in my Dodge Neon, but my rear windows have cranks...

Gangsta 1 : You a fag dog!

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