12 Stones

What is 12 Stones?


Hard rock band currently popular among the Christian Music community.

They rock hard, too. "The Way I Feel" is an awesome song...

Dude, when I was walking out of Sam Goody's yesterday with my new 12 Stones CD, the dude stopped me and said, "Hey! You have to pay for that!"

... and I'm like, "NO ONE TOLD ME THIS!"


A powerful hard rock band from New Orleans.

Their lead singer, Paul McCoy sang Bring Me To Life with Amy Lee for the Evanescence album Fallen.

They singed with Wind-Up and has 2 official albums: 12 Stones(2002) and Potter's Field (2004).


Paul McCoy(lead vocals)

Eric Weaver(guitar)

Kevin Dorr(bass)

Aaron Gainer(drums,background vocals.

Dude 1.Hey man, i bought a fantastic cd.It's by a not very famous band, 12 Stones.

Dude 2.let me check it out

-2 days later-

dude 2.*singning*you set my soul on fire, you take me so much higher,higher again...*stop singning*

hey dude 1 they're a really fantastic!

See 12 stones


A great alt christian punk band. Their new song "Far Away" is the shit. It's very good. Though I personally like broken better. I can't wait till Porters field comes out!

Did you know that they did a duet with evanescence called bring me to life?

If you didn't know that then you need to be brought back to life.


The best band in the world that totally kicks ass...hard rockish great songs- download broken and the way i feel PAUL MCCOY IS SOOOOOOO HOTT Shit i want him

I am a 12 stoner...or she just saw the best band in the world 12 stones

See Libby


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