84 Swangers

What is 84 Swangers?


swangaz, 84's, are actually 1984 Cadillac spoke rims, just as 83's are 1983 Cadillac rims. 84 is NOT the number of the spokes. these rims are much immitated, but these are the only REAL swangaz... and yes, a lot of cars will need adapters if they dont have the same lug pattern as the 'Lac...

swangin on 4'z in the Dirty South... Houston Texas baby, we brought swangaz to the world!!!!!

See Gambino


Swangers Noun: Wheels, Rims ect.

See Elbows

Dam Nigga! you paid, Three grand for them Swayngers. You Got FUCKED!


This word came from da south, all we do is swang on 84's. They have 84 thick spokes that stick out, when you see some you'll know


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