1 T

What is 1 T?


A male individual who has an unhealthy obsession with another mans pubic area. Although not homosexual a 1 T fixates upon another mans penis often referring to it as cock, sausage or meat. A 1 T’s fascination does not usually stray from his inner circle of friends. A 1 T may often go unnoticed until his ability to hide his addiction becomes uncontrollable, initially he may just talk to his male friends over the phone about double ending sausages, but this would then escalate to repeatedly utilizing the word cock. A 1 T is neither a threat nor a sexual marauder however friends need to be aware of any possible changes in a male friend’s behavior that may lead to future uncomfortable situations

Gaz and Jake need to be careful with Mat he is a 1 T.

Did you see 1 T the other day he's started continually writing cock when talking to his friends which is very much out of character.

See cock monger, cock meat, cock lover, cocky


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