3 The Hard Way

What is 3 The Hard Way?


An impossibility; very hard to achieve. Refers to craps term "the hard way" where two dice must be rolled with matching numbers. EX: 6 the hard way would be 3/3, not 5/1 or 2/4. Therefore, 3 the hard way would be im-fucking-possible.

"Jim's chances of giving mary a cleveland steamer are like 3 the hard way"

See craps, dice game


In basketball, a play earning 3 points by scoring a 2 point basket, drawing a foul, and converting on the subsequent free throw. This three points requires more toughness than the three point shot, and so is called "three the hard way."

Dwayne Wade drives to the basket makes the layup and is fouled. He'll shoot a free throw to earn 3 the hard way.

See layup, three pointer


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