360 Three-sixty

What is 360 Three-sixty?


1.) The amount of space between two people that one needs in order to be comfortable.

2.) The distance arm length distance 360 degrees around someone.

3.) An understanding of a particular person's thought-life; being on someone's level.

1. Friend: "He must really like you."

Me: "How do you know that?"

Friend: "Cause he was all in your 360(three-sixty)."

2. Rob: "That smells good! What are you eating?" (Comes closer.)

Me: "Dang! Back up out of my 360 (three-sixty)!"

3. Professor Robbins gave me an F on this term paper?! This is the best paper I've ever written! He just ain't in my 360 (three-sixty).

See three, sixty, hundred, level, space


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