5 To 10 Rule

What is 5 To 10 Rule?


The rule to limit the number of curse words and insults you can use while playing a video game, such as Halo 3.

5 curse words to 10 insults or 5c=10i. So 2c=i.

This means if in one game of somthing you insult somone 10 times you can no longer insult or curse at them. Exception: If you use a combonation of insults and curses and it is 2 curses and 5 insults AND you are winning the game then TWO additional insults or ONE additional curse may be used, this is referred to as the PWNAGE exeption.


Guy 1: And your mom is a...

Guy 2: STOP! You already cursed 3 times and insulted people 4 times! Don't break the 5 to 10 rule!


Guy 1: You Ba...

Guy 2:NO! You alredy cursed 2 times and insulted people 5 times! Don't break the 5 to 10 rule!

Guy 1: But I am winning, so I can curse again due to the PWNAGE exeption.

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