What is 2004 Toolshed Uprising?


This term refers to the period directly after the graduation of the bulk of the Chillosophy crew. Most members graduated high school in 2004, and therefore it resulted in the inevitable seperation of the members. Although the Dynasty of Chillosophy did not end (most experts predict it never will) their involvement in the community became restricted to blocks of time such as holidays and summers. During these absences, thousands of whack-ass-crews began to assemble, in hopes of reaching the level Chillosophy "chilled" at. The term "toolshed" refers to the gathering of more than one toolor square. Predictably, none of these crews were powerful enough to even "fux with they echoes."

" Yo, where did all these mark-ass tricks come from, its like the 2004 Toolshed Uprising all over again "


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