8 Track

What is 8 Track?


an obsolete form of media, primarily used in the 70s. 8-tracks were the 80s equivalent of the cassette tape or the 90s version of the CD, except that you could not rewind or fast forward, but you were able to skip into another sector of the 8 track (aka the 'track')

Kid #1: Check out my 76 AMC Matador. I paid $300 for it, but the dude I bought it from said he's throw in the original 8 track player for an additional $100.

Kid #2: You fucking tool. No one has used 8 tracks in 20 years, at least.

Kid #1: damn


and old school tape systemdat was alternative to the tapes we use today

hevy d up in ma 8 track


Either used to decribe something outdated or obsolete, or something that is "retro-chic".

You're driving a 72 Lincoln? Man, that is so 8 track!


1/8 ounce of marijuana.

Yo dogg, lemme get an 8 track.

See Robbie


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