5 Trey Disciple

What is 5 Trey Disciple?


a gang from Kansas City, MO that has formed out of the rollin 20's blood set, mostly from the east side of kansas city, they have been migrated to the south side and is currently inactive (so said) they wear red and black, they are followers of the People Nationand the number 5 which revolves around the People Nation and are usually outfitted with a red kc hat that is tilted to the right side and fold there bandannas square...and sometimes twist a blue,gray, or black bandanna with the red rag to signify there ties with the Folk Nation

person 1: whos that... he's dressed like a blood?

person 2: naw...well kinda its a 5 trey disciple

person 1: damn i want a hat like that!

Disciple sells a O to 'em and then robs 'em

See blood, bloods, 5, trey, disciple, people, nation, folk, gangsters, gangster, gangstas, gang, drugs, drug


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