7 Up

What is 7 Up?


7 up describes someone's hotness. On a scale of 1-10, a 7 up refers to someone who is a 7 or higher.

"There are so many 7 ups tonight!"

See hot, beautiful, good looking, guys, girls


dnL upside down, better than 7 up

dnL is better than 7 up

See soda, pepsi, 7 up, pop, drink


n. A soda pop manufactured by Pepsi.

vt. To perform felatio on someone while felator has the aforementioned soda pop in their mouth.

I swear this is a direct quote I heard at the barbershop. "Yeah, my friend's daughter was given someone a whatcha call it, a 7 up? Yeah, it's when the girl puts 7 up in her mouth and gives the guy oral sex. The worst part is her daughter is in 6th grade."


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