89 Vision

What is 89 Vision?


What is the 89 Vision? The borrowed lyric in the Sublime song "jailhouse" is out of context and tells next to nothing, because it has nothing to do with Bradley’s anal fetishes (I am referring to the song 89 Vision from the bootleg Pure Anus). It is also mentioned in Jailhouse (“…89 vision, we didn’t fuss or no fight…”) but this time in context. The term refers to 1989 and KRS-One’s vision of non-violence in hip hop/the black community. His 1987 album Criminal Minded is said to be one of the original gangter hip hop albums, but his DJ and the other part of BDP Scott La Rock was gunned down. Shortly thereafter a fan was killed during a fight at his concert and it permanently changed his outlook on hip hop music. Kris Parker aka the Blastmaster aka the Teacher aka KRS-ONE began preaching against violence starting with his single Self Destruction in 1989. Thus the ’89 Vision was born. Guess who was on that single: Just I.C.E...another major Sublime influence.

"we gots the '89 vision, never fuss and no fight..."

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The act of being stoned

It was the best day of my life, I had the 89 vision.

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The vision you have when you are stoned

Last night i was seeing through the 89 vision.

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"To suck someones ass. Similar to the 69."

"Want to 89 vision tonight?"

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