18 Visions

What is 18 Visions?


Eighteen Visions:

Brandan Sebastian Schieppati (guitar)

James Stephen Hart (vocals)

Mick Richard Morris (bass)

Ken William Floyd (drums)

Keith James Barney (guitar)

FORMED: 1995/1996

FROM: Southern California

Once known as 'Macabre'.

Eighteen Visions are a kick ass, heavy metal band. Try listening to the album 'Obsession'. Good stuff.

I missed out on seeing Eighteen Visions last week during their uk tour.


a metalcore band that look they date hair stylists. The whole band is just really really metrosexual. How can you call you're self hardcore, or metalcore. Or ANY kind of core for that matter when you look like that?

The music is relativly ok though. Atleast its not slipknotor trapt.

18 visions had a video with lesbians in it. These metrosexuals know how to make a video!


Kick ass metalcore band that kinda went soft but its ok they still rule.

dude i saw 18 visions last night, they fuckin rocked


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