9 Volt

What is 9 Volt?


A sexual menuever, where a man or woman takes a 9 volt battery, and places the two metal pronges on or in the womans vagina, giving her a mild shock, similar to the shock received when placing one's tounge on the battery.

"Dude, while my girlfriend was asleep, i thought i'd give her a little surprise by giving her the 9 volt."

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To use the shocker (see definition of shocker) while applying your tongue to the clitoris. Evolved from the need to shock ones tongue when in possesion of a nine volt battery.

I was going down on becki, when I shocked her with a 9 volt.

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what does a 9 volt battery and a womens asshole have in common? A mans tongue has touched both.

"Ah, Man look at her ass"

"9 volt."

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