4 Way Window Pane

What is 4 Way Window Pane?


Window Pane is a name given to lsd encapsulated in gelatin. “4 way” describes a grouping of four standard size square “panes” resembling the four panes in an actual glass window. The "4 way” grouping is most noticeable in printed lsd blotter where one complete design is contained within 4 standard size hits. Also, “4 way” or window pane have nothing to do with the quality or potency of the lsd contained within them.

That 4 Way Window Pane I took an hour ago is starting to kick in. Actually, it should say, "That 4 way of window pane I took an hour ago is starting to kick in" but it wont allow the submission unless I use the exact phrase of the person before me.

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A type of LSD that is supposed to blow the mind!

Dude, I wish I had a 4 way window pane right now!

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