5 X 5

What is 5 X 5?


On track, on course, going where you want to; it also refers to the central point in a targeting scope - five over and five up.

We're on course, 5 x 5.

I've got him in my sights, 5 x 5.

Take him out.

See target, sweet spot, perfect, offline


To get at least 5 in each of the major stat categories in a basketball game; points, rebounds, assists, blocks, and steals.

AK-47 is known for getting 5 x 5's.

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If you are "all square" with someone (as opposed to being just a square), or you are cool with that person, then you are 5 x 5.

We talked through our differences, so now we are 5 x 5.

See copasetic, cool, friends


A state of being, discribes level of mood, use widely in chat rooms and online slang.

5 x 5 = not in a bad mood, and, not in the greatest mood.

5 x 5 = things are just fine, not to bad

See ok, fair, half and half, chillaxin


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