40 Year Old Virgin

What is 40 Year Old Virgin?


1)A movie made in 2005 and starring Steve Carellabout a 40 year old man who is a virgin and his friends keep trying to help him lose it, very very funny.

2)Insulting term (mainly used by men) meaning that a person is such a loser that they could never get laid.

2)"Dude, your such a fuckin' loser! you'll never get any pussy! you're gonna be the 40 year old virgin"

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Men that live with their moms and act cool on Madden Message board but are really pathetic lowlifes.

RobDeezy. The 40 year old virgin

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One pump and then you nut.

Joe: Hey Bob I gave your mom the 40 year old Virgin.

Bob: What's that?

Joe: One pump and then I just nutted in her.

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the worst steve carrel movie, a horrible film that was not funny and generally over-hyped. the movie had a funny concept but wasn't funny.

dude did you see 40 year old virgin?

you mean that not funny movie from those guys that have a reoccuring penis concept in all their movies?

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Its also the name a very popular movie made by Steve Carell.

You are a 40 year old virgin because you will not have sex until you are 40.

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