What is *a Miraculous Whimsical Ballad*?


-sounds sort of like a doo doo da dooo, but higher quality.

-species of corinne.

-up to 22 people around universe now. MOUTH DROPPING STATS!!!

-description: hides in trees and throws grapefruit at peoples heads. Dissapears in the trees.

-Theme Song: "We're the grapefruit throwing singasong people."

Corinne: hey what's your species?

Harrison: im part of the nifty human species...what's your species?

Corinne: *sings*....*a miraculous whimsical ballad* and thats the ACTUAL species.

Harrison: haha really?..niice. hey corinne what's your species?

Corinne: *sings as identically as before* *a miraculous whimsical ballad*

Harrison: hahahaha

See species, singing, trees, theme song


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