What is [adlington]?


The little shithole on the outskirts of mighty blackrod. People from adlington cannot read, write and still think that the world is flat. Adlington people are looked down upon from other towns and villages and Adlington itself is made up of mudhuts, tents and a sewer is the main source of drinking water. People from adlington often take part in alabama rituals suck as Alabama Christmas mornings and Alabama hot pockets

#1 Adam:" hi my name is adam and im from blackrod. Want to be my freind?"

Dave "Sure, my name is dave and im from Adlington"

Adam "fuck you you dirty little inbredded bastard"

#2 "Hello baby"

"hi babe"

"want to give me an alabama hot pocket?"

"sure, ill never refuse you mum!"

See alabama, dave


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